Clinical Service Lines

Advanced Psychiatric Care (APC) specializes in the active treatment of Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse. The APC mission and commitment is to provide comprehensive integrated care that promotes the health and quality of life of our patients.

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Individual, couple, family and group

The use of psychological principles to encourage the understanding of thinking and behaviors, offering insight and tools to control and/or change ones thinking and behavior. Group design allows for processing and psychoeducation. New groups are designed based on patient need and may be used as primary and/or adjunct support to other clinical services.

Psychopharmacology Clinic

Traditional medication management direct to patients and families, as well as collaborative support to local physicians utilizing psychiatric medications with their patients.

Co-Occuring Disorders

Suboxone and Vivirol managemenr administered by a Board Certified Addiction Psychiatrist. Counseling and psychosocial support as required by Federal guidelines.


Clinical Consultation to facilities, mental health clinics, and state/federal government agencies via a secure video location.


We are a suboxone provider. We are here to assist you on your way to recovery. Suboxone is a way to allow you to take your life back and build a strong new future.

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Empowering the Inner You

This is an hour long group to discuss fear, anxiety related to addictions.
This is a safe place to search for guidance in choosing a new path. Guest speakers and Janet Cameron (Certified Health & Wellness Coach) help create a serene environment for growth to flourish and allow you the confidence to speak your truth . The cost is $35.00. Please call ahead due to limited seating, so everyone is heard.

#You Matter

The group explores ways in which women can find their purpose in life. Knowing your purpose helps you to find your true passions, and passions become an important driver for you to achieve something extraordinary . Janet Cameron, Certified Health & Wellness Coach will be guiding the group. The group is an hour long. The cost is $35.00 per person. Please call ahead due to limited seating so everyone is heard.

Please note that when requesting refills the doctor has up to 48 hours to fill your request. To avoid delays please contact our office a few days before your medication is due for refill.