Expiration of Emergency order for prescribes has been expired in Florida.

Controlled substance prescribers are required to conduct an in-person physical examination to issue a renewal prescription for a controlled substance.


What is psychiatry?

Psychiatry is the medical specialty that focuses on the human brain and the brain, mind, body intertie.



What are advantages of telepsychiatry?

Advantages of telepsychiatry include easy access to the doctor, convenience of being at home or office or any private setting. No missed appointments due to lack of transport, no time off from work.



What do I need for telepsychiatry?

Head phones or a sound cancelling speaker with microphone is recommended. Preferably high def digital camera gives the best results. For best results please face a light source do not sit with your back against the window or a bright light source.



What about privacy?

Your privacy is extremely important, It is your responsibility to make sure all doors are closed, shutters are down and your conversation is not audible outside the room. You can put music in low volume out side the room or use white noise fans.