Do you often wonder which career path you should be on?
How do I achieve my goals?
What are my strengths?

If you cannot answer these questions it is because you are lacking clarity. You must realize that the answers to these questions lie within each of us. Discovering your purpose in life will give you clear directions to find the peace and joy you are looking for. Whether it’s a new career path or reinventing yourself after divorce, or the loss of a loved one, working with a coach, can help you to find what you are looking for. Once you have discovered your confidence, and become more self-aware, your motivation will come naturally.

Janet Cameron

Certified Health and Wellness Coach



Women’s History Month is a time to commemorate, encourage and celebrate the spirited role of women universally. It is a time to reflect and learn about the challenges women and girls face around the globe. There are so many ways to improve the issues that women face today. We need to support women’s challenges we face in the workplace, women should enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, to be educated, to own property and to earn an equal wage. There are so many more concerns that women are facing, these are just a few. We as women can support each other by giving a voice to the causes and organizing events that will bring the challenges to the forefront.


For example:

  • We need to increase funding to end violence against women and girls.
  • We need to talk to men to join us in the fight to end violence against women and young girls.
  • We need to keep our girls in school and encourage them to seek higher education
  • We need to include women in decision-making.
  • We need to support organizations that support women.
  • We need to talk to men to join us in the fight to end violence against women and young girls.
  • We especially need to stand together, both men and women, to celebrate young girls who can grow to be empowered, intelligent, and ambitious women.



Janet D Cameron

Certified Health & Wellness Coach