Expiration of Emergency order for prescribes has been expired in Florida.

Controlled substance prescribers are required to conduct an in-person physical examination to issue a renewal prescription for a controlled substance.


Whoever you are, whoever you love, know that you are deserving, valued, worthy, and loved.

One topic that often comes up in therapy is self-esteem and how it impacts our lives and experiences. So, let’s talk more about it!

Self-esteem is loosely defined as your opinion of yourself; how we value and perceive ourselves. It affects:

  • How your feel about yourself and your abilities
  • How you make decisions and whether or not you assert yourself
  • Your ability to recognise your strengths and positives
  • Your willingness to try new or difficult things
  • How you treat and talk about yourself and your abilities
  • Your resilience and accountability
  • The boundaries you set
  • What you believe you deserve and are willing to accept

Despite typically being described as a dichotomy of either high or low, I challenge you to consider self-esteem as existing on a continuum. Like most things, self-esteem is not black and white experience. While those with a higher level of self-esteem may have a positive relationship with themselves and value their achievements, someone with a lower level of self-esteem might feel unhappy or unsatisfied with themselves most of the time. Our self-esteem can evolve in either direction on the continuum, and likely will make shifts throughout our lives.

If you’d like to learn more about self-esteem, check out the APC social media pages during this month of June! Jeanmarie and Gabrielle will be highlighting how self-esteem is developed, how to improve our self-esteem, and lots more. If this topic is one that interests you, stick around!