Intensive Outpatient Programs

The IOP is a commitment of three hours per session, three sessions per week for length of the program.

IOP Foundation and Components

A Cognitive Therapy based Integrated Medical-Behavioral Health Continuum of Care AND Family education/support center that address’s six foundations of functioning. The program is curriculum based and presented in two phases. Each phase is a commitment of six weeks (meeting three times per week for three hours per session). The components addressed are as follows:

Phase 1: Physical Wellness; Awareness Wellness; Family Wellness
Phase 2: Relationship Wellness; Career Wellness; Financial Wellness


  • Time limited: two six week phases (participant’s and the clinical team may choose to enroll in one or both depending on clinical outcomes)
  • Multidisciplinary/Multimodal structured treatment in outpatient setting
  • Program is used to intervene in a complex or refractory clinical situation to achieve/maintain stability for individuals with a variety of behavioral health concerns (specifically Axis I diagnosis).
  • Participants are assessed by the program’s licensed clinical team (ie: Psychiatrist, Social Worker, other clinical professionals as appropriate). Assessment is for program appropriateness, group compatibility and individualized integration.
  • Clinical interventions available include individual, group, family support, psychoeducational, therapies and medication management.
  • Treatment is individualized within the boundaries of the program curriculum.
  • Participants will complete bi-weekly self-reporting inventories to identify progress.