IV Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine has been shown to improve the symptoms of various psychiatric conditions in certain populations. Everyone’s response to treatment will be different but individuals usually report improvements in psychiatric symptoms and pain but be aware that symptom relief cannot be guaranteed. You need to be aware that symptom relief can last from days to months, therefore multiple infusions might be recommended or required for long term symptom relief.

The use of ketamine to treat the above conditions is considered “off label” by the FDA. There is nothing wrong with using medication for “off label” purposes as a large percentage of medication prescribed in this country is for “off label” use. Ketamine infusion therapy for psychiatric conditions and acute or chronic pain is considered safe, even though it is considered “off label”, but be aware that Ketamine has been used safely over the past 50 years.

The procedure for ketamine infusion is straightforward. You will receive an intravenous (IV) line started into a vein of your hand or arm so you can receive ketamine through this. You will have your heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiration, and heart rhythm monitored during treatment under the supervision of Dr. Zaheer Aslam.

Ketamine Prices and Visits

  1. A visit with Dr. Aslam to make sure the patient is a good fit for the Ketamine infusion. Free
  2. First month is $3,000.00. Dr. Aslam will be providing your treatment. This is a physician-led Ketamine treatment by a Psychiatrist.
    •  Covers first therapy 30-minute session prior to treatment date
    • (6) Ketamine infusions. They must have a ride home. Stay in the office for a minimum of 45 minutes, up to 2 hours.
    • Therapy session 30 minutes around sessions 3 to 4
    • Exit visit with Dr. Aslam
    • There is no refund if the client decides not to complete the 6 sessions.
    • (Unless) the client has an allergic reaction to the first visit. If so the client will receive 50% of the costs.

Maintenance 3-month time frame $2,600.00

  1. This will cover 7 IV Ketamine sessions
  2. You will receive 1 IV ketamine session once a week for 4  weeks. A total of 4 IV Ketamine sessions, for the second month.
  3. You will receive 2 IV Ketamine sessions during the second month. Those are usually every other week.
  4. During your 3rd month, you will have 1 IV Ketamine session, that is appropriate for you.

After the first month or Maintenance sessions if the client would like to continue once-a-month doses. It will be $400.00 per session.