addiction-is-hopeWe understand inpatient for addiction is not manageable for all patients. We understand it can affect your job, care for family and responsibilities.

We are excited to pilot a program which will fit your life for YOUR needs! We work the program around you instead of treating everyone the same.

You will have an extensive Psychosocial intake with one of our professionals. As a complete team we design a program for your success!

Your special and so should your road to recovery be. We include your support team in your recovery, your job and the daily living. Call us to start your recovery JUST for YOU!!!!

Advanced Psychiatric Care



Program Overview (tier 1):

The ‘Addiction – Psyhoeducation Program’ (APP) is a forty-eight week, curriculum based Cognitive Therapy multidisciplinary/multimodal program designed to achieve and assist in maintaining stability for individuals with active substance abuse disorders.  Tier 1 is the first Twelve weeks.


The program is the ‘foundation’ for the participant to establish and commit to participate in a community based Continuum-of-Care AND Family education/support center to deal with his/her addiction.


Treatment is individualized and encompasses components of psychoeducational Substance abuse awareness and management [which includes Physical, Spiritual, Relationship and Family ‘WELLNESS’].  Additional clinical and adjunct therapeutic interventions and support are also available and can include individual therapy, family support, medication management and vocational adjunct support.  


Program components:

The ‘APP’ curriculum is a psychoeducation based program that includes components that have been developed based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (theoretical construct) and include the following:



  • Understanding Addiction;
  • Keeping in the Day;
  • Treatment/s;
  • Understanding the ‘cycle’;
  • Facts and Issues of drug use;
  • Motivation;
  • Relapse awareness – prevention;
  • Anger Management;
  • Principles of effective self-control
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness/integrating community;
  • Recovery Capital building; and
  • Next steps in treatment.



Successful completion of the APP will provide individualized detailed self-workbook that identifies unique thinking patterns and tools that will provide reinforcement strategies learned over the course of the program.


Formal Psychoeducation time commitment Tier 1:

Tier 1 of programming is over twelve weeks; each week will include external support, professional intervention and self-help education building.  Intensity of contact and programming is paced from ‘intense’ with progression to less and less intense.  Typical time commitment (for face to face time with APP staff – does not include mandated participation in community supports such as AA, NA etc.) is as follows:


  • Week 1 – 3:  3 sessions per week
  • Week 4 – 9:  2 sessions per week
  • Week 9 -12:  1 session per week