Urgent Care information

The APC Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic provides Psychiatric and Psychosocial same day or next day clinical ‘intake’ assessment to assist patients and families, in evaluating and diagnosing behavioral issues.

APC Mental Health Urgent Care Clinic is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of clinical professionals. The clinic provides same day urgent/ emergent assessment for a wide variety of mental health and substance related issues. The clinical assist the patient in identifying and when able link patients to appropriate outpatient and inpatient services for additional evaluation and treatment.

Mental Health and/or Substance issues assessed:

-Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Psychosis, Substance Abuse

Yes, the clinic is a walk in service. Patients are triaged upon arrival and will be interviewed by an APC intake professional. Patients will be seen in the order they arrived.

The cost $350.00 for an URGENT care visit